Friday, 11 September 2015


Jean Paul Gut is an economist with a masters degree from a business institute in Paris, France. He is a well known economist and his career is quite admirable. Jean Paul Gut started his career back in the year 1983. He held the post of Export Deputy President in the defense department of the Matra Company. After three years in office he was moved to the sales and marketing department. Two years later Jean Paul Gut was transferred to the department of international relations and operations where he served the same capacity as his first post in the Matra Group.
After his colourful career at Matra, Jean Paul Gut moved on. This time round he was headed to a senior managerial post as well. In the millennium year Jean Paul Gut was appointed a board member an executive member of EADS Limited in South Africa. Like in his previous place of work, Jean Paul Gut experienced promotions in the management of his new company. Five years were enough to win him a promotion to the helm of the department of strategy and Marketing. Before his departure two years later, Jean Paul Gut was able to strike some amazing and multibillion deals with companies like Qatar Airways. Jean Paul Gut was one of the elite and highest payed managers in his stay with this South African Company.
Jean Paul Gut left EADS a billionaire. From there he moved on and he was able to establish his consultation Company situating it in the city of London. In London, his company was strategically positioned to serve both European and French Companies with plans for further expansion globally. The experienced economist used his skills to thrive his company and he was able to place his company over the roof in terms of performance and service delivery. Jean Paul Gut was able to make good client relationship with companies like Airbus hence becoming so influential in the operation of this transport company.

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