Sunday, 6 March 2016

Pentair Challenger 345205 High-Pressure Pool Pump Review

The high pressure pumps are made for specific applications that require higher pressure operation in order to feed various requirements beyond the pool water circulation. Such requirements include in-floor cleaning systems, spa jets, decorative water features including fountains and waterfalls. Also, these systems offer effective power despite being highly efficient for a long time without any servicing. Termed as challenger pumps, these are packed rugged fiberglass strengthened housing that has closed impellers. Also, these are durable, and feature custom molded thermoplastic components that facilitate high pressure operation every year. Apart from efficiency, the criteria of these pumps are easy servicing and trouble-free and long life. Also, the routine of such pumps is quite easy with the service-friendly features.
One of the best pool pump motors is from Pentair, and it is the Pentair Challenger 345205 pump. It has a proprietary hydraulic design that makes it render minimized friction as well as turbulence so that more water flows through the system without much noise and at great energy efficiency. The standard two inch suction and the discharge ports pay the way for maximum operating efficiency. The extra large strainer basket does not need frequent cleaning and the see through pot lid of the strainer makes it easy to access the strainer basket. The unique impeller and diffuser offer excellent high pressure performance for the various types of demanding installations. The stainless steel clamp offers easy and quick access for servicing.
The power end of the pump system can be easily removed for winterizing and servicing without disturbing the pump’s support base or piping. There is no tool needed to remove the thumbscrew drain plugs for the winterizing and draining purposes. The internal parts and ports are designed to offer a quiet operation and rapid priming. The pump’s motor is a single speed, fully rated and energy efficient that is capable of running it smoothly.

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