Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Six Reasons Why Email Marketing Is Here To Stay

Social media and SEO may rule the roost when it comes to selling a product, but the good old email marketing has not lost its flavor in the market just yet. It comes as no surprise considering the fact that this form of marketing yields a high value on the return of investment. With companies offering Email Marketing Training and reputable websites like listing it as the latest trend, you now have several reasons to switch over to this form of marketing.
Email remains one of the most powerful channels for modern communication and has the ability to connect with a large client base. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why email marketing scores higher over other modes of marketing.
The first big advantage it has is the large audience. If Facebook boasts over 2 billion active users, the humble email is not humble enough to be left behind. Recent reports have revealed that there are nearly 4 billion email users across the globe and this estimate will only increase in the years ahead.  Think of all the profit this number can garner for your business. Anyone who has an online presence will have an email account and business owners can easily connect with their audience.
You can think of email as the backbone of the internet. If you need to open a new Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest account, you will be prompted for your email address and all notifications and alerts are sent to your email. Email IDs are not just for messaging but also serve as a valid identity online.
If you were given a choice between adding a client to your email list or friending someone on social media, go for the former. Why? There are two reasons: your brand’s message is likely to get delivered to the client’s inbox faster than a Facebook newsfeed and secondly, important information can get lost in the sea of photos and posts on social media. When your audience is interested in your brand, they subscribe to receive social media notifications from you. This means that your message will not make its way in the spam folder and is 45 times more likely to be read by them.
Any business looks for ways to convert their base audience into customers who can generate income. When you send an email, it will lead to a better click-through rate to your website than if you had tweeted.
Take a look at this statistic. When you spend a dollar on email marketing, you can expect a return of $40 or more. This clearly shows that it has won the race in being the prime choice for good marketing. It is also possible to target a section of the audience and send them custom messages. For instance, you can send details regarding the latest baby products for new mothers or details about the recently launched summer shirts for men.

An email is a professional medium to send and receive important messages. It is interesting to know that majority of the users prefer to receive promotional messages through email.